The TRU Experience

As TRU Show San Francisco has come and gone until August, we reflect on February’s show. At TRU we like to keep not only our exhibitors happy but our buyers as well by offering several amenities to keep everyone coming back each year. We at TRU believe small incentives go a long way! We kicked this show’s Casino theme off with poker inspired cookies and a champagne cocktail as each exhibitor began checking in and setting up their rooms with this season’s new shoes.


To continue the casino theme we pulled out all the stops and threw a poker themed party! All exhibitors and buyers were welcome. We brought in several poker tables with dealers from a local San Francisco vendor. Each person who came in received $500 in imitation money that they could cash in for chips & win some sweet raffle prizes at the end of the night. Of course we couldn’t have a poker party without a bar and lots of sweet treats. To make the casino party even more special we got to celebrate a 40th Birthday! Our fabulous exhibitor Chris Carpenter got to celebrate his 40th with all of his shoe friends & of course we had to have a small set of decorations and photos in his honor.

It wouldn’t be TRU show if we didn’t have our drink carts circling around each floor on the first day of the show. This is a great way for our TRU girls to meet some of the exhibitors & buyers while sipping on a refreshing glass of wine or beer. As always we provide lunch both days of the show. To sweeten up the last day of the show we brought out some delicious flavored popcorn in the late afternoon. With an array of flavors, this sweet treat ended the show on a high note.

TRU Show is our passion and we wouldn’t be where we are today without are exhibitor friends and buyers. We feel just the small amount we can do them for them hopefully goes a long way. We hope everyone leaves feeling like it wasn’t just another work weekend but a mini vacation with fun, friends and shoes!